Friday, March 23, 2012

MOVING SALE! A new store and more....

Hoping everyone is enjoying gorgeous spring weather in their corner of the world! Its been unusually warm here in Minnesota for this time of year.  It feels like we fast forwarded two months and everyone is soaking it in despite seasonal allergies.  I'm glad the weather is cooperating as I'm packing up all the vintage and photo equipment and moving in one week into a new studio/store in downtown Hopkins on Main Street.  I'm very excited as I've come a long way from my starting point two years ago.  Its been a lot of work setting up a retail space- oh the leases, insurance, street signage, display fixtures, advertising, etc. to sort out! But its all going to be SO worth it when Jojo's makes its debut here in the Twin Cities.  Please check out my JOJO'S FACEBOOK PAGE and follow me there as well!  I'll be posting pictures there as I plan to document my retail store opening journey.  I've joked that I need some serious local advertising efforts so people will check out my new little shop! 

An idea that occurred to me:

Well.....maybe not. In the meantime, I've made some price reductions on my current offerings and am offering an additional
15% OFF your order this weekend! 

Just use code MOVE15 at checkout and save yourself a little ka-ching!

Speaking of sexy legs, did any of you get a chance to watch my amazing television debut on the new TLC Discovery Channel show "My Crazy Obsession" with Doris MayDay?  LOL  It was fun to be sure.  I did not get to watch it before it aired, and I was a little freaked out when they showed the "Love Doll Collector" episode just before my segment, as just about all my family and close friends were watching. Fortunately no one publicly disowned me. The actual episode can be caught on rerun on TLC.  Its about a Las Vegas transplant living in Minneapolis who is trying to live a 1950s lifestyle to the extreme.  They have a little teaser available for the public on their website which shows me photographing Doris in a retro pinup session in my old studio.  You can watch it HERE. 

Well, thats all for this week.  As always, I'm listing beautiful new items all the time and would love to see your bright and shining face in the store!


Josette aka Jojo

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