Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Model Hell......oh, and free U.S. shipping in the shop

So, today I reluctantly posted an ad on craigslist for a second model for the shop. I love my model, Sara. She is the best thing since the invention of wine. She totally embodies the Jojo look. She is tall and shapely and everything looks gorgeous on her. I get more emails about her than anything else on the site- lol. I've even had a few european men send odd love notes for her. I know I will be hard pressed to ever replace her when she's decided she's had enough. Anyway, my lovely Sara is broad shouldered and I've started a collection of items that are in the xsmall range that just don't fit her.

So, I finally listed an ad and now have the unpleasant task of trying to sort through pretty women to see who has the right look for the shop. Its tough. They have to have a young face that can pull off many different eras, not to mention needing a 24" waist. So many young women today look,well.... too modern. I need a girl that can pull off a 60s bouffant or a sleek 40s or 50s look. I guess I'll know her when I see her. Hopefully this process will be easier than a root canal. Best to have a cup of tea and calm my nerves.

Anyway, etsy came up with a great new coupon code system to offer free shipping. So, for a break in this model mayhem, I thought I'd try it out. Right now I'm offering free DOMESTIC U.S. SHIPPING on anything in the store using coupon code USFREESHIP (yes, I know it should be "modelhell" to tie this all together, but I'm a mom that operates on little sleep. )

See you at the shop!


  1. Your model is beautiful. Good luck in your search for a retro gal!


  2. Good luck with the model search!
    (Soooo happy you'll soon be posting xsmall clothing!!)

  3. She is beautiful! Good luck with your search!