Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Just Think Pink!

January and February are a time for the romantic creamy whites, passionate pinks and a few shots of red hot to spice things up a bit. Valentines Day is coming up, so lets get you in the mood with some vintage imagery. Lets start with Mancini's Pink Panther playing in the background- in a truly cool universe, everyone would get a personal theme song as stealth and hip as Mancini's 60s sexy sax melody.

Nothing says sexy better a 50s-60s siren in lingerie- think of Jayne Mansfield's famous cleavage bearing photos....this one in a lacy number.....

Now think of Liz Taylor in a slip in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof....or maybe Marilyn in her skivvies....

Or a slinky satin and lace nightgown or robe a la Ava Gardner

I had alot of fun putting together this Valentine's Day collection and hope you see something that makes you feel cool and hot and pink all over! Lots more in the store and new items added daily. Get a little lovin' from Jojo's with 15% off any purchase by entering coupon code NEWYEAR15 at checkout.

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  1. Great post! You have a wonderful shop! So glad that you joined in today with Vintage Love Saturday!! I hope you will come back every week and join in!