Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Vintage Hat Thieves are most unsavory characters

As my gentle readers may recall, recently I decided to ask my customers if they would be willing to be featured wearing their Jojo's vintage in my blog. I'm delighted to report that I've had many say yes, brave souls, so I plan to share their vintage purchase stories with you here from time to time.

Today I'd like to introduce you to my sweet customer Vicky who hails from the UK. Vicky had sent me a lovely photo of herself in her Jojo's vintage hat that was taken whilst dining at her celebratory birthday dinner. Being her 30th, this was a special occasion worthy of fine vintage. The blue velvet rhinestone studded hat was one of the first in a new collection Vicky had started this past fall. She had purchased it to wear at the event with her navy blue 50s cocktail suit, both of which she is wearing in the photo below.
Here is the original listing photo and Vicky's very smart look!

Vicky continued on with her tale and shared that her lovely hat had the misfortune of being pinched at the pub during the dinner party! The hat went missing when she tried on another that was a birthday gift. I can imagine the scene she further describes, everyone frantically searching for the missing birthday hat, and her visible displeasure at losing her new vintage treasure. Somehow I can envision some sort of Benny Hill/Eddie Izzard mime with a tranny male waiter stealing the hat and trying it on in the backroom while everyone is scrambling looking for it. Realizing its absence has been noted, he is far too embarassed to return it. Could there possibly be anyone lower than a vintage hat thief? Worse yet, a vintage hat thief that prowls the pubs looking for unsuspecting vintage victims!? I think there must be a special place reserved in hell for them. As a matter of fact, I think the non-repentant thief hanging on the cross next to Jesus was a vintage hat thief. Who does such a thing?

In all seriousness, my sympathies are extended to Vicky and I will certainly be on the lookout for a replacement hat for her. If any of my gentle readers has seen a similar hat for sale, please let me know so I can direct her to a suitable substitute. In the meantime, be well, wear good vintage and watch your hats!

See you at the shop!

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  1. Thank you for featuring me on your blog. Just wish I had taken some better pictures of me in the hat before it went missing! x