Sunday, January 2, 2011

My Real Life in Vintage

Me, in vintage accessories and custom bolero/dress at my October 2008 wedding.

When I started my Etsy vintage clothing shop in May of last year, I did it on a whim as an exploratory career option. I was a newly laid off mother of a newborn, having limited career options with my education in theatrical costume design. I was staying home with baby and giving some hard thought about what to do next. Here I was at 40, a tattooed, vintage-wearing, old -80s-punk that was a jack of all trades and master of none. I felt like I’d done all I could without a Masters (in Minnesota anyway) and continued to wrestle with the dilemma of needing to eat vs. self-fulfillment. My love of historical clothing design and all things of bygone eras had been reduced to a hobby.

It wasn’t until I found Etsy and purchased a bunch of vintage baby planters for my newborns retro –themed baptism party that I thought, “Hey, if they can do this, why can’t I?” I delved into my new adventure with the fervor of a woman with her hair on fire. I was on a mission to find the lost treasures of yesteryears closets! Thus began my great adventure into a world that encompasses everything from researching, buying/selling, internet social networking, makeup artistry and photography. It is the best of all possible worlds, both exciting and exhausting with a baby on hip.

One thing I wasn’t anticipating when I set out on this adventure was the wonderful people I would come to meet along the way. Every time I shipped something out, I held my breath. Would they like my treasure as much as I did? Wonderful feedback began appearing from the customers. They loved their dress! They were so excited! Stories of parties and plans for wearing their vintage were shared. I was amazed that I had somehow brought some excitement to someone else’s life by selling them a dress. It was great to see that something I had found in an estate attic or buried unappreciated at a second hand store could make someone else as giddy as it made me!

Recently I received some feedback, photos and stories with one such happy customer- April from Los Angeles, CA. April is a very smart and chic woman who knows what she likes! She purchased a light blue cotton 50s pinup fit n flare gored dress with rhinestone accents on the bust. Her unexpected feedback and appreciation picture just about knocked me outta my chair:

“So, I had been eyeing this dress ever since it was listed. I practically lusted after it. It kind of seemed too good to be true. An AWESOMELY constructed, pristine, GORGEOUS dress for 79 dollars? I just had to believe there was something wrong with it. But I wanted it. Now that I have it? I think I want to marry this dress and have little dress babies that look just like it. For reals ya'll. This dress is that cool. I highly endorse this seller and I will be buying from again! Such an eye for quality.”

She just sent me some more fantastic pictures of her in the dress at a New Year’s Eve celebration, which you can see on her new blog, The Vintage Fairygodmother. April’s enthusiasm for vintage and the shop has revived my spirit after a tiring holiday. The very best part of my work is the fantastic feeling you get when you connect with someone over the shared passion of vintage. You feel like a little girl giggling in the back of the school bus with your best friend again. My customers have become my best cheerleaders and I am so honored to be part of their real vintage life!

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  1. A true delight! Thank You for sharing your real life vintage experiences. Your wedding picture is gorgeous - it reminds me of my mother:)

  2. Thank you so much for your kind words Kathie! Please come back and follow along on my tales of shopping adventures with baby and great new finds. :)